Suspension saddle cutter

This product is a suspended plasma/flame cutting equipment, which can be installed on the cross operator, and can cut holes and grooves on the cylinder and head, as well as the intersecting line of the connecting pipe between the cylinder and head. It is used in chemical pressure vessels, power station boilers, nuclear power equipment, food and pharmaceutical equipment, shipbuilding and marine engineering, national defense industry and other industries.


suspended plasma/flame


Advantages Parameter

1. Hanging installation mode, simple mechanical structure, laser indication centering, convenient operation;

2. Touch screen operation, parametric input, graphic prompts, convenient human-computer interaction;

3. The control strategy combining theoretical algorithm and online teaching control is adopted. Through teaching, the actual deviation and group deviation of the workpiece can be measured, and the cutting path can be automatically corrected;

4. It can automatically realize V-shaped, X-shaped, Y-shaped, K-shaped groove cutting functions;

5. With manual control box operation function, it can realize the adjustment of equipment operation parameters during welding.


model MAGG-1500 MAPG-1500
Cutting straight hole diameter φ100~1500mm φ100~1500mm
Saddle drop 290mm ≤290mm
Groove angle ±60° ±45°
Cutting thickness ≤200mm ≤40mm
Nozzle cutting diameter ≤φ1000mm ≤φ1000mm


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