Magnetic crawling automatic tracking welding and cutting robot

This equipment adopts the wheel type magnetic crawling mode, and has the turning function, which can be remotely controlled. It can walk in an arc on the steel plate, automatically track the groove marking position (or automatically track the groove weld bead position), and cut the double-sided groove directly by double gun cutting (or complete multi-layer and multi-channel welding of various types of curved groove in space). It can be used for automatic cutting (or welding) in nuclear power, petrochemical, pressure vessel, shipbuilding and other industries.

Curved panel measuring and marking groove cutting robot

This equipment is applicable to the measurement, scribing and secondary accurate cutting of ellipsoidal head plates of pressure vessels, spherical plates of spherical tanks and other types of curved steel plates. Realize the rapid, batch and high-precision intelligent production of curved steel plates with independent measurement, laser marking, visual real-time tracking, independent data correction, and simultaneous processing with two guns. It has been successfully applied to the intelligent production of large ellipsoidal head plate of AP1000 steel containment in China's third generation nuclear power plant, spherical plate of spherical storage tanks such as Lanshi Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. and Luoyang First Construction Co., Ltd.

Membrane wall welding robot

This equipment is mainly used for the welding of membrane wall tube panel accessories (channel steel) of coal-fired power plant boiler products. The front end of the welding gun is equipped with a visual tracking sensor to track the welding seam in real time and complete the welding of the attachment seam.
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