Talent concept

Talents are capital and the source of strength for enterprise development. Adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented and common development", the company strives to create excellent working and living conditions for each employee, provide a broader career development platform, customize career development plans, tap the potential of each employee to a greater extent, pay attention to the growth and progress of employees, and achieve the goal of common development of the enterprise and employees.

Talent concept: the selection of talents is guided by the principle of "openness, fairness, justice, merit and suitability", and adheres to the selection concept of "one quality, two talents, three appearances, competition and merit, and post based selection".

Education concept: "Talents are the foundation of a strong enterprise, and enterprises are the boats of talents". To achieve the common growth of enterprises and talents, a complete training mechanism is indispensable. In combination with the needs of the company's strategic development, planned and systematic training is carried out for employees, life-long learning is advocated, and the future market competitiveness is enhanced through the cultivation of innovative professionals.

The concept of talent use: first stage, then challenge arena, trust, but not laissez faire ". While absorbing all kinds of talents, we should adhere to a flexible and reasonable competition mechanism, so that we can use all directions and talents to build an adequate platform for talents to display and develop, regardless of seniority, only promote talents, and combine empowerment with supervision.

The concept of retaining people: the environment is attractive and the treatment keeps people ". We advocate that" the capable enjoy their jobs, the achievements enjoy their benefits, and the meritorious enjoy their shares ", establish a result oriented distribution system and value evaluation system, retain talents with a good salary system, stimulate the value of employees, and ensure the sustainable operation and sustainable development of the enterprise.