Tube sheet processing series

Full automatic pipe expanding robot

The special machine of the equipment is a self-propelled rectangular coordinate robot, which can walk back and forth and turn to adapt to cylinders of different lengths when placed on the ground, and can automatically level and align with the plate surface. It is mainly used for the automatic expansion of the tube sheet of the tube sheet heat exchanger. The general robot form of the equipment is 6-axis articulated arm robot. It is used in air conditioning and refrigeration, chemical pressure vessels, power station boilers, nuclear power equipment, food and pharmaceutical equipment, shipbuilding and marine engineering, national defense industry and other industries.

Welding robot for plate heat exchanger

This equipment is mainly used for φ The spiral weld of "flanging type" and "clamping type" spiral plate heat exchanger below 3000 shall be welded. Good weld quality and beautiful molding.
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