Xingjian Robot Company is specialized in the research and development and manufacturing of intelligent automatic welding and cutting robot workstation (point), intelligent production line (line) and intelligent workshop (surface). The main service industry is the general manufacturing industry with a large labor-intensive market. Such as shipbuilding industry, Marine engineering, engineering machinery, heavy machinery, chemical pressure vessels, nuclear power, containers, special vehicles, wind power, steel structure,...... . These industries are the focus of our country, occupy the largest share in the world, the intelligent transformation of automation of these industries has become a national strategy, and with the help of robotized welding and cutting, improve the quality of products and production efficiency, this is the urgent basis of general manufacturing industry. To solve the automatic manufacturing problems in these industries, we must rely on intelligent technology, combined with the production process, complete the highly reliable intelligent perception and recognition, path planning, automatic extraction and matching of the model of the robot online, and carry out the production process reengineering accordingly. In order to establish intelligent, digital, efficient, green intelligent welding production line. Xingjian intelligent robot product direction and technical breakthrough and innovation are of great significance to our heavy equipment manufacturing and the improvement of intelligent robot level.

Xingjian Robot Company was founded in 2006. Before the rise of robots and AI, it used computer vision and other advanced AI technology combined with industrial robot technology to develop the key automatic welding and cutting process equipment successfully applied in national defense and major national projects. The core team has 20 or 30 years of experience and technology accumulation in intelligent robot engineering projects, and has formed core technologies such as robot intelligent perception, model data drive, robot welding and cutting motion database, production process macro database, and independent planning and programming. All the leading enterprises in the industry we serve have put our intelligent robot equipment into actual production, and become the hallmark of the intelligent manufacturing of these leading enterprises. It has been unanimously recognized in the industry and the academia, and the technology and application are in the leading position. It has become the promoter of intelligent manufacturing of heavy equipment and the leader of intelligent welding and cutting automation and robot technology.