Learning development

Induction training

Pre job training for new employees: The Human Resources Department of the company organizes training for new employees. The main materials are company profile, development history, strategic objectives, company culture, product introduction, etc., so that new employees can have an all-round understanding of the company, understand and agree with the company's career and corporate culture, firm their job choice, understand and accept the company's common language and code of conduct. Provide a broad stage for excellent talents

in-service training

The company is committed to creating a learning organization, combining with the employee career development system, and developing corresponding training courses for different employees to provide strong help for the career development of each employee. Employees who are willing to make achievements in the field of professional technology will be targeted to improve their professional skills and experience, so that they can gradually grow into professional and skilled talents for this position. Along this path, employees can access the company's senior career.

Career channel

Based on the needs of organizational development, the employee career development system provides employees with two channels for career development, namely, professional technology channel and comprehensive management channel. Employees can choose management direction or professional technology direction according to their own abilities and interests. The two channels complement each other and provide broad development space for employees.