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The song of Lushan Mountain is popular, and doing well promotes the high-quality development of China's equipment manufacturing industry!

The walking robot follows the national development strategy closely. Before the rise of robots and AI waves, it used advanced AI technologies such as computer vision and independent programming to combine with industrial robot technology, and successfully developed key automatic welding and cutting process equipment applied to China's equipment manufacturing industry and national major projects.

Good news came again and again, Xingjian Robot successfully won the bid for Zoomlion's major project!

Recently, after winning the bid for the ordinary steel project of Zoomlion Smart Industry City, Anhui Xingjian Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the design and implementation project of the intelligent groove processing production line of Zoomlion High Strength Steel Center, and won the bid again with strong industrial application level and excellent technical strength.

The "artifact" of the shipbuilding industry, the intelligent workstation of the crane used by Jiangnan Shipbuilding City

With the development of social technology, today's ship industry, whether from the perspective of supply side structural reform or from the perspective of seizing the commanding heights of future development, ship intelligence is undoubtedly the first choice.

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