Curved panel measuring and marking groove cutting robot

This equipment is applicable to the measurement, scribing and secondary accurate cutting of ellipsoidal head plates of pressure vessels, spherical plates of spherical tanks and other types of curved steel plates. Realize the rapid, batch and high-precision intelligent production of curved steel plates with independent measurement, laser marking, visual real-time tracking, independent data correction, and simultaneous processing with two guns. It has been successfully applied to the intelligent production of large ellipsoidal head plate of AP1000 steel containment in China's third generation nuclear power plant, spherical plate of spherical storage tanks such as Lanshi Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. and Luoyang First Construction Co., Ltd.


measurement simultaneous



Advantages Parameter

1. Intelligent workpiece perception: realize steel plate corner recognition; The non-contact automatic sensing of workpiece curvature can measure the pressing accuracy of steel plate, without the need for measuring sample plate comparison, and can automatically generate data reports with higher accuracy.

2. High precision scribing: according to the pressing deviation of the steel plate, the measured data automatically generates the optimal finishing size, automatically carries out laser scribing, and the scribing accuracy is high.

3. Precise cutting: the cutting position is accurately confirmed according to the measurement data, and real-time tracking through the visual system avoids the error caused by thermal deformation during the cutting process. The steel plate cut has high surface quality and more accurate contour dimensions.

4. Super strong replacement: double guns are used to cut the X-shaped groove at one time to minimize the heat input and reduce the change of steel plate curvature, so as to realize mutual replacement of the same type of steel plates and disordered installation.

5. High end independent programming: the steel plate does not need to be placed at a precise position to achieve automatic measurement. The measurement data can generate reports independently without manual programming. The "fool type" operation is more labor saving and convenient.

6. Minimal layout optimization: the linear layout is flexible, reasonable and compact, which can realize the alternate work of double stations, and effectively improve the utilization rate of the production site and the overall production efficiency.

7. Intelligent and efficient production: the equipment is highly intelligent, which can realize multiple machines for one person and greatly reduce labor and labor intensity.

8. Related products: It can be equipped with a magnetic crawling vision automatic tracking cutting car to achieve curved panel and chip cutting after scribing.

host Gantry structure, bilateral drive
Overall dimensions 21000mm×5500mm×3500mm
Gauge 5500mm
Track accuracy 0.2mm/1000mm
trip Effective cutting length (X axis) 13000mm
Effective cutting width (Y axis) 3500mm
Effective cutting height (Z-axis) 2500mm
Rotation range of U axis (horizontal rotation axis) 360 °± 45 ° infinite rotation
Deflection range of Axis V (cutting torch angle axis) ± 45 ° (angle with surface normal)
Deflection range of W axis (double cutting gun spin axis) ±90°
Effective lifting measuring range of Z1 axis 750mm
measurement accuracy X-axis accuracy ± 0.5mm (with a tolerance of 12000 mm for machine movement)
Y-axis accuracy ± 0.5mm (3500 mm tolerance for machine movement)
Z-axis accuracy ± 0.2mm (tolerance for machine movement 1900mm)
U axis (horizontal rotation axis) accuracy ±15/
Accuracy of Axis V (cutting torch angle axis) ±15/
W axis (double cutting gun spin axis) accuracy ±15/
Z1 axis (measuring axis) accuracy ±0.5mm
speed Maximum movement speed of X axis 6000mm/min
Maximum moving speed of Y-axis 6000mm/min
Maximum travel speed of Z-axis 3000mm/min
Maximum rotation speed of UVW axis 30°/s
Maximum travel speed of Z1 axis measuring scribing 2000mm/min
Marking requirements Scoring depth ≦0.4mm
Scoring width ≦0.3mm
Tolerance of arc length diagonal (when there are 4 arc edges and the curvature of spherical shell plate meets the accuracy requirements) ≦2mm
Length tolerance of arc edge ≦1mm
Cutting thickness 16mm~100mm
Gas for cutting Oxygen ≥ 0.8Mpa, acetylene or propane > 0.05Mpa, pressure stable
Power Supply Three phase AC 380V (± 10%), 50Hz, 30KVA
Weight (main engine, excluding base rail) 15000Kg
ambient temperature -10℃~ 40℃
relative humidity <90%,No condensation


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