Welding robot for plate heat exchanger

This equipment is mainly used for φ The spiral weld of "flanging type" and "clamping type" spiral plate heat exchanger below 3000 shall be welded. Good weld quality and beautiful molding.


equipment exchanger


Advantages Parameter

1. The internationally advanced visual tracking technology and multi axis linkage control system are used to accurately track irregular welds;

2. Fully automatic control realizes the production automation of spiral plate heat exchanger, reducing the labor intensity and professional skill requirements of workers;

3. Double head structure can be adopted, which greatly improves the production efficiency of spiral plate heat exchanger;

4. Infinite rotation structure reduces the number of welded joints, improves the integrity of welds and reduces the occurrence of defects. The welds are beautiful;

5. Easy to understand operation interface, so that personnel without welding foundation can easily control the equipment.

model SEWR-300
Diameter of production heat exchanger ≤φ3000mm Height of heat exchanger 500~2000mm
Lifting stroke of operating rack 1500mm Maximum welding speed 1000mm/min
Maximum lifting stroke of welding torch 450mm Welding tracking motion mode Visual tracking infinite rotation
Welding torch cooling mode water-cooling Welding method MAG、MIG
Overall dimensions 3400*1000*2200mm Installation method Suspension type
Operating Weight 2200kg welding wire φ1.2~1.6mm


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