Portable saddle cutting machine

This product is a portable flame cutting equipment, which can cut holes on cylindrical shells and ellipsoidal heads, and can cut single and double sided bevels at fixed angles. It can be carried manually, mounted on the shell to be cut, or hung on the operator. It is used in chemical pressure vessels, power station boilers, nuclear power equipment, food and pharmaceutical equipment, shipbuilding and marine engineering, national defense industry and other industries.


equipment chemical


Advantages Parameter

1. Simple structure, small size, light weight, laser centering, portable and easy to use;

2. The control system uses motion control PLC as the core control device, which is stable and reliable;

3. Good human-computer interaction interface, simple operation of parameterized touch screen input and graphic prompts;

4. The control strategy combining theoretical algorithm and online teaching control is adopted to automatically correct the cutting path according to the actual workpiece size deviation, effectively eliminating the cutting error caused by the workpiece size error;

5. During the cutting process, workers can adjust the cutting speed in real time according to experience to achieve the ideal cutting quality.



model MAGB-1000
Opening diameter (straight) φ100~1000mm
Saddle drop ≤150mm
Groove angle ±45°
Cutting thickness ≤200mm
weight 60Kg


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