Name of Customer: Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Name of Product: Plasma groove cutting robot workstation

Time of signing: 2021-04-14

Product features:

Ø The panoramic vision recognition system can automatically obtain the shape of the part to be captured, match the pre stored part drawings to obtain the part information, automatically calculate the center of gravity of the workpiece, and automatically determine the suction and lifting position, so as to reasonably avoid the position with holes;

Ø The laser vision accurate acquisition system has the function of self-adapting the blanking deviation of the actual parts, and the deviation correction ability can meet ± 3mm, which can ensure that the groove cutting is carried out according to the actual workpiece contour;

ØIn the workstation, the handling robot is responsible for automatic identification of parts, loading and unloading, and the cutting robot is responsible for accurate positioning of parts and groove cutting;

Ø With the cooperation of panoramic vision system, the handling robot automatically recognizes the working contour, compares it with CAD drawings and automatically matches it, and automatically generates handling, cutting and stacking programs;

ØThe cutting robot corrects the cutting path deviation through the laser vision fine positioning sensor to ensure the processing accuracy of the part groove, without excessive manual participation.