Name of Customer: Nantong Zhonghe Tank Storage and Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Name of Product: Overflow welding box welding robot workstation

Time of signing: 2019-07-02

Product features:

Ø It has the function of welding the welds between the overflow box and the tank body, including the collection and tracking of butt welds, arc welds, vertical welds, arc starting, welding arc stopping, etc;

Ø For overflow box workpiece, dual vision acquisition and tracking is adopted. The visual tracking device does not interfere with the workpiece, and there is no blind area for welding. All welds can be welded;

Ø It has the function of visual acquisition and tracking. The independently developed seam tracking device is used, which can meet the accurate tracking of various types of welds. It can be programmed independently based on the workpiece model, and automatically welded, which is simple and convenient to operate;

Ø The equipment has the production data record management function, which can record and output the basic data in the welding process.