Name of Customer: Luxi Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd

Name of Product: Automatic welding robot for spiral half pipe jacket of cylinder

Time of signing: 2019-05-17

Product features:

Ø Joint arm robot multi axis linkage mode is adopted, and 1 welding head and 1 scribing device are equipped;

Ø It is equipped with laser vision measuring device, which can realize non-contact measurement, and can automatically detect the position and height of weld seam;

Ø It can be equipped with marking device to automatically mark the position of half pipe team according to the initial position marked in advance on the cylinder and the text data of the spiral half pipe assembly position drawing provided by the user and determined by both parties through consultation;

Ø Inner support tooling is used to support the side without head, and continuous automatic welding of welds on the same cylinder can be realized after one alignment.