Name of Customer: harbin boiler company limited

Name of Product: Automatic welding equipment for accessories of membrane wall tube panel

Time of signing: 2019-03-09

Product features:

Ø The welding robot carries a laser visual tracking device to track the weld in real time during the welding process to ensure that the welding gun does not deviate from the weld bead;

Ø According to panoramic recognition camera scanning, automatic position finding and automatic welding can be realized, and welding path can be planned automatically without manual intervention;

Ø The equipment is equipped with arc light shielding parts to shield arc light radiation during welding, and also equipped with audible and visual alarm devices for early warning and alarm;

Ø After the initial attachment welding is completed, the robot can automatically move to the next attachment to be welded and work circularly until all attachments of the tube panel are welded.