Name of Customer: Nanjing Baose Co., Ltd

Name of Product: Robot welding system for titanium alloy tube sheet

Time of signing: 2019-04-22

Product features:

Ø The equipment is floor mounted, which does not need to lay a foundation on the ground, but only needs the ground to be flat and with sufficient bearing capacity, which can be put into use immediately;

Ø The visual positioning function of non-contact positioning mode is adopted, and the centering and positioning process between the welding head and the pipe core are not in contact, so as to completely avoid scratches, damages and other problems caused by positioning contact;

Ø The laser vision system is used to automatically measure and teach the welds of tube and tube sheet, effectively removing the influence of human factors on the welding track;

Ø The control system can set welding parameters, which is fully automatic and easy to operate, reducing the labor intensity and operating skill requirements of workers;

Ø Each moving shaft is equipped with limit switch and mechanical limit with buffer to ensure the safety of movement and transmission device.