Name of Customer: Wuhan Zeheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (Macwell)

Name of Product: Automatic tube expansion equipment of heat exchanger

Time of signing: 2019-12-26

Product features:

Ø The work-piece tooling can adopt the V-shaped movable support with simple structure and flexible layout, which can realize the rapid lifting and placement of work-piece only by ensuring that the work-piece is placed firmly;

Ø The equipment adopts laser vision positioning measurement system, with automatic measurement function, which can accurately measure the distance between the equipment and the tube plate surface;

Ø Manually import the pipe hole distribution CAD drawing, and after comparison, the equipment will automatically generate the pipe hole coordinates and automatically plan the pipe expansion path;

The lubricating frequency and lubricating oil volume can be set during tube expansion of the tube expander, and the tube expander can be lubricated directly during operation.