Name of Customer: Shanxi Taizhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

项目名称: Intelligent high-end hydraulic excavator industry project

Name of Product: Automatic cutting workstation of groove robot

Time of signing: 2022-06-30

Product features:

Ø 3D visual recognition positioning device can automatically obtain the shape of the part to be grasped, match with the pre stored part drawings, automatically calculate the center of gravity of the workpiece, and determine the suction and lifting position;

Ø The structure design of the electromagnetic chuck ensures that the typical parts are fully covered by adsorption, and has the power failure protection function;

Ø Equipped with laser vision device, it can extract the edge points of the workpiece contour and automatically plan the running track of the cutting robot;

Ø Special cutting NC control software system, friendly man-machine interface, high stability, and continuous operation;

Ø The system automatically collects production process data, summarizes, records and stores them, and provides statistical information