Name of Customer: Chongqing Midea General Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

Name of Product: Automatic expansion of modular shell tube robot

Time of signing: 2022-03-02

Product features:

Ø Driven by servo motor, the speed and torque are accurately controlled during tube expansion to ensure the consistency of tube expansion torque;

Ø CAD reads the drawing to determine the tube sheet hole position, and visual positioning can be used to quickly find and locate the tube sheet head and end holes without manual intervention;

Ø Equipped with an automatic cleaning and lubricating mechanism to clean and lubricate the pipe expander regularly and quantitatively;

ØThe expansion parameters are automatically recorded, and the human-computer interface information is complete and the layout is reasonable;

Ø It has the function of fault alarm, pause and emergency stop, and can resume work at the breakpoint.