Name of Customer: Shanghai Yileng Kaili Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd

Name of Product: Full automatic pipe expanding robot

Time of signing: 2022-04-25

Product features:

Ø Import the CAD pipe layout drawing, the system automatically reads the drawing, automatically dispenses glue, expands, cleans and lubricates the pipe expander, and there is no need for personnel to monitor the whole process. In case of any abnormality, the system will automatically stop and give an alarm;

Ø Servo motor torque closed-loop control is adopted to monitor the torque change in real time during expansion, automatically verify and check the torque of the tube expander, and the human-computer interface can display the schematic diagram of the torque waveform of tube expansion;

Ø It has the functions of automatic glue heating and insulation, real-time temperature display, which can adapt to the change of temperature difference in winter and summer, ensure the fluidity of glue, and achieve uniformity;

Ø It is equipped with a special integrated cleaning and lubricating machine, which can realize the regular cleaning and lubricating function of the pipe expander.